Anthem Tonik Health Plans

You are healthy, but life is unpredictable.  All it takes is one slip, one fall, one illness, and the financial pain can outweigh the physical pain.  Whether you are hurt on the ski slopes, or are diagnosed with a major illness, Anthem Tonik plans are here to help.

There are three affordable Anthem Tonik plans available:  The $1,500 deductible plan which is called the Calculated Risk Taker.  The $3,000 Part Time Daredevil and the $5,000 Thrill Seeker plan.  All plans include 100% coverage for all approved care costs after the annual deductible is met.  All have four office visit co-pays for doctor visits, and do not forget they also include a $10 co-pay for generic drugs.

All Tonik plans include health, dental and vision coverage all in one affordable package.

Getting hurt without coverage will definitely hurt your financial future.

  • The average cost of a day in the hospital is $9,989.
  • Torn knee ligament including surgery and care with two days in the hospital: $47,673.
  • Burst appendix with care and surgery for appendicitis with five days of hospitalization: $46,525.
  • Badly broken ankle.  Compound fracture of the tibia and fibula with seven days in the hospital: $101,790.
  • You need to be flown to the hospital:  Air ambulance: $12,530.
  • Head injury.  Skull fracture with intra-cerebral hemorrhage: $291,305.

As you can see by the figures above, you do not want to go without health insurance coverage, even if it is a high deductible plan.

Anthem Tonik health plans are available in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Anthem Tonik is for anyone!  Although the Tonik plans are marketed to the younger age groups, any healthy person under age 65 can apply for coverage and enjoy the rich benefits the Tonik plans have to offer.

  • Pay month to month by credit card or checking account so you do not have to worry about not paying the bill and lapsing coverage.
  • No long term contracts, month to month.
  • No broker or application fees.  Just the monthly premium.
  • Call an Anthem authorized agent today for complete details and a custom quote.

Tonik includes: Health, Dental and Vision coverage.

  • 100% coverage after the annual deductible.
  • Annual physical, pap and mammogram.
  • Office visit co-pays for office visits before the annual deductible.
  • Easy on-line application or paper application for your convenience.
  • A physical exam is not necessary to apply.
  • Application decision process is usually within 72 hours.
  • Contact an Anthem authorized agent today for more information regarding these great plans.

What doctors can you see?  The Tonik plan is an Anthem PPO  plan which means you can see any physician, specialist or hospital within the Anthem network of providers.  You do not need a referral to see a specialist.