Getting the Best Health Insurance Coverage For College Students and Everyone Else

If you’re in college but do not have insurance, there are multiple ways that you can change this. In this article I’ll out line three of the few ways that health insurance can be made available to you. At the end of this article I’ve also included a link to compare the best insurance companies and how you can save some money.

1. Health tuition through your College or University is often provided for usually a lower, much more inexpensive rate. I would advise you to go into your School’s Health services office and inquire as to the different plans available to you and their costs. Since you are a student of the university you may also get additional discounts if you are a member of a student organization.

2. If none of the plans and rates offered by the university fit your needs or budget you may want to look into private insurers. They may also offer some type of student discounts to match or beat those offered by the university. They often have much more broader options available to you as well.

3. You can often get insurance also through an organization that specializes in insurance for college students. One of the most prestigious ones is the American College Students Association or ACSA. They offer not only, health, dental and prescription discounts but also tuition grants.

4. If you also belong to a lower income bracket family, you may qualify for what is referred to as Charity Care. You can visit your local hospital and inquire as to this option.

Although you maybe as strong as a bull, an illness or accident could happen to you when you least expect it to. Don’t be be caught in that situation without insurance. Health care plan premiums are usually costly but you’ll end up paying more out of your pocket if you have to be admitted to the hospital without insurance.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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